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Jill Craigie

Jill Craigie

Film Director and Writer Jill Craigie (1949) from a portrait session at Coventry Street. The flood lamp and stands in the background were frequently used as props.

The cropped photograph originally appeared in ‘The Tatler & Bystander’ magazine (April 1949) to publicise the feature drama Blue Scar

Powell & Pressburger and… Camerimage!

Finally films of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger reached Poland! 15th-22nd of November during Camerimage Festival we will be able to see those gems on a big screen. See us there as we will bring the book on Archers portraits!


Deborah Kerr in ‘The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp’ (1943)


Ride home…

Ride Home

This is the first of  half dozen of photographs, which Fred Daniels selected as his finest works, which first appeared in ‘Tatler and Bystander’ magazine in 1949.

‘The ultimate test of a picture – he says – is can you live with it?’ For Fred Daniels it evoked ‘unforgettable moments of an autumn twilight in the woods’.

According to his words the finest picture shall possess ‘a sense of perspective, a feeling of tranquility mingled with feelings of mystery and enchantment’.

‘If a picture is capable of doing that for you it’s a very good picture…whoever made it’





marcel poncin





















Marcel Poncin photographed by Fred Daniels in his studio around 1945.
He starred in The Red Shoes (1948) as Bodin during the Monte Carlo sequences.


Jacqueline Evans 1944





















Fred Daniels took several portraits of Jacqueline Evans in his Coventry Street Studio

to publicise the rising star of Love Story (A Lady Surrenders USA title).

A wartime melodrama produced by Gainsborough.

Deborah Kerr…by Fred Daniels

copyrights Fred Daniels Estate

Deborah Kerr photographed by Fred Daniels at Coventry Street studio and used by MGM publicity.


Leslie Howard portrait taken at Fred Daniel's Coventry Street Studio. Reproduced from the original negative.

Leslie Howard portrait taken at Fred Daniel’s Coventry Street Studio. Reproduced from the original negative.



Fred Daniels photographed Margaret Morris at Juan-Les-Pins  1923.

During the summer schools at Cap d’Antibes Fred Daniels studied the method and principles of Margaret Morris to great effect. All the stills were created using a plate camera and ambient light.

m i k a d o

Fred Daniels used Kodachrome color film at Pinewood Studios. The only surviving example is this portrait of Jean Colin from The Mikado 1939. Scanned from the original 10 x 8 transparency.

copyright FD Estate

copyright FD Estate


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© Fundacja Twarda Sztuka 2012
© Photographs Fred Daniels Estate

The Archers: Powell & Pressburger PORTRAITS/PORTRETY FRED DANIELS
by Nigel Arthur & Ewa Reeves

Language: English & Polish
Size: 170 mm x 220 mm
Pages: 88
Print run: 500 copies
Printed on: Munken Polar
Font: Archer
Linen cover
Made in Poland

ISBN: 978-83-930435-2-1

The book at the price of 19.99 GBP plus postage (free within UK) is available through Twarda Sztuka web site – we accept PAYPAL


copyrights Fred Daniels Estate

Deborah Kerr in “Black Narcissus”, Pinewood Studios 1946